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2013 is DOCTOR WHO’s 50th Anniversary. Each month, BBC AMERICA takes the TARDIS back in time with Brand New Specials on all eleven Doctors.

Don’t miss the Premiere of the second DOCTOR WHO: THE DOCTORS REVISITED Special, plus the classic Second Doctor episode “The Tomb of the Cybermen” Sunday Feb 24 at 8pm ET on BBC America.

Take an in-depth look at the second incarnation of the truly timeless Time Lord, who brought a new energy, impish charm & boundless enthusiasm to the role, and meet his fearless Scottish highlander companion, Jamie McCrimmon. Plus, get a close look at one of his most iconic foes, the Cybermen! With exclusive interviews with stars David Tennant & John Barrowman, Lead Writer and Executive Producer Steven Moffat, Executive Producer Caro Skinner, and more!

Then, in “The Tomb of the Cybermen,” the TARDIS arrives on the planet Telos where an Earth archaeological expedition, led by Professor Parry, is attempting to uncover the lost tombs of the Cybermen…


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    According to BBC America’s schedule, they’ll be airing it again right after they finish the first showing. I don’t see...
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    Will this be on again? I didn’t realize it was tonight and missed the beginning.
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    Fuck you college for not having BBC America!
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    Less than 30 mins, and If you’re like me hoping to see the Oscars as well, we might be able to get the full 30 min...
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    Seriously why would I watch the Oscars though?
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    DOCTOR WHO REVISTED: PATRICK TROUGHTON - The Second Doctor. Feb 24 on BBCAmerica
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    Does anyone have somewhere that I can watch these? I’ve tried to find them but no cigar :C
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    Psst! Remember when I said Tomb of the Cybermen might be a good serial to start watching the Second Doctor? Those of you...
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    : ) I’m excited!